Guiding students on a creative,
Scientific, and engineering journey

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Design Academy & Charrettes!

Design, Create, & Innovate!


Through our workshops you will exercise empathy, problem solving and application of solutions. Our hands-on idea formulation and model making builds confidence in brainstorming as well as collaboration and presentation skills.

Design Academy

Our Integrated Design + Entrepreneurship
Program prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Explorers

We are 4 siblings traveling around the world, living great adventures while attaining understanding of science, technology, engineering, architecture, traditional crafts and mathematics through hands-on building.

Design Charrettes

Join us for engineering design workshops currently conducted online.

Through meaningful human-centered design projects, students master S.T.E.A.M. concepts.

Design Consultancy

We specialize in the architectural design of innovative, hands-on experimental and experiential learning spaces where participants can gather to create, tinker & explore.  A turnkey solution that includes educational curriculum, custom workshops, procurement, and project management.

Global Outreach

Partnering with local community leaders to improve mathematical confidence in-person and online!

Reinforcement of mathematical skills alongside local teachers at SAIDE Community Library in Chavakali, Kenya.
Intensive math intervention for migrant children in Lima, Perú in collaboration with Peace and Hope International and local teachers.

Proud to partner and work with great organizations:

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